Terms of Use

Terms of Use of Hanwag GmbH, Primus AB, Fjällräven International AB (hereinafter referred to as „Provider”)

The use of Hanwag Fjällräven and Primus press server (hereinafter referred to as „press server“) shall exclusively be admissible on the basis of the following Terms of Use. The Terms of Use explicitly include the provisions on data protection as well as all other regulations provided on the Website for using the press server. With each login you accept the respective valid version of the Terms of Use. Moreover, you declare your explicit consent to the Terms of Use by activating the check box “Yes, I agree” when you register to the press server. However, at the latest, you shall have accepted these Terms of Use by downloading, copying or using any images, videos, graphics, texts, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “data”) from the Provider’s press server.

Please check before every login if you agree to the currently valid Terms of Use. For the currently valid version please refer to www.press.hanwag.com/terms. The Provider reserves the right to amend, modify the Terms of Use or to remove individual components at any time at his own discretion. Such amendments may occur without explicit notice to the user and will come into force immediately after the publication of the new version on the Website. As a registered user, you declare your consent to the fact that each login following to an amendment shall signify a consent to the amended version of the Terms of Use.
Please carefully study these Terms of Use. They contain important information on the scope and limitations of the rights of use of the media contents of this press server.

The operating companies of this press server are Hanwag GmbH, Wiesenfeldstrasse 7, 85256 Vierkirchen, Germany, Fjällräven International AB, Box 209, 89125 Örnsköldsvik, Sweden as well as Primus AB, Box 209, 89125 Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. For further details, please refer to the corresponding legal notice.

The press server is freely accessible to everyone. However, the shopping basket function as well as the access to possibly available exclusive content shall exclusively be reserved for persons, who in advance have registered on this Website. Registration and access shall be reserved for persons, who professionally work as journalists and who are over 18 years of age. Please make sure that your user data (login/password) is not accessible to third parties. We reserve the right to proceed against unauthorized use of the press server and/or to block the corresponding account. This applies to persons, who have provided incorrect information during the registration process, provide the data of other persons or use the account of other persons.

If you register for the press server, we shall collect specific personal data from you. For more information on how we use and process this data, please refer to the Provisions on Data Protection.

Usage Ratio, Access Data
The usage ratio starts as soon as you have completed the registration mask under www.press.hanwag.com/register and we have sent you the access data (user name/password) after checking your entries or as soon as information from the press server is used or when contents are downloaded.

The usage ratio and your rights and obligations resulting therefrom are not transferable to third parties. You undertake to always keep your access data to the press server confidential. In particular, you undertake neither to surrender nor to disclose the access data to third parties. If you suspect that a third party discovered your password, you shall be obliged to change it immediately. For this, you may use the function provided for this purpose on this Website or you may request to get a new password via the e-mail address under Contact us. The right to extraordinary termination without notice for important reason shall remain unaffected.

Term, Termination
In case of a registration, both parties may properly terminate the usage ratio at any time with a period of one (1) week. An important reason shall particularly exist, if you violate the “License Terms for Press Releases”.

Ownership of the Rights
Owner of all contents of this Website including the packshots of our products, templates, screenshots, graphics, logos, digital downloads, and other data shall be the Provider, unless they are entitled to third parties, who have licensed them to the Provider. The contents are protected by national and international copyright laws and agreements, or by other laws for protection of intellectual property. The company, which markets or licenses these products shall be entitled to the rights arising from trademarks, work titles, and copyrights of other right holders.

License Terms for Press Releases
The following License Terms shall apply to all contents, including photos, photos of the products, photos of individuals, templates, graphics, logos, digital downloads, and other data, which are explicitly provided for download in this press server (in the following referred to as “press server contents”):
On the basis of the present License Terms, the Provider grants you free of charge the non-exclusive (simple) right during the usage ratio to use the press server contents exclusively for the purpose of reporting in print and/or electronic media, to distribute them for this purpose or to make them accessible to the public. The granting of the possibility of use shall not give rise to any further rights, in particular intellectual property rights. After termination of the usage ratio, for whatever reason, you shall no longer be entitled to use the press server contents. Furthermore, the Provider reserves the right to revoke the use of the press server contents as well as to prohibit the use of any press server contents.

The press server contents shall exclusively be used for the own editorial reporting on specific products to which they relate, respectively. A use of the press server contents in any other context, in particular as symbol images or in the scope of reporting on general topics with outdoor reference, shall only be allowed with separate written permission from the Provider. The press sever contents are not intended for commercial use, in particular not for advertising purposes. Furthermore, a use of the press server contents in the scope of or in connection with illegal or unethical contents shall not be allowed.
In case of using photos, the respective Provider, Hanwag GmbH, Fjällräven International AB or Primus AB shall be named as the source.

Except for the purposes explicitly mentioned above, the press server contents shall not be allowed to be copied, distributed, publicly reproduced, or otherwise exploited. Transferring or sublicensing of the use of rights granted to you shall not be allowed, not even in parts or temporarily.
You shall not be entitled to edit, modify press server contents and/or to use press server contents edited/modified in connection with your reporting, unless they are purely text from articles or press releases. In the latter case, you shall not be allowed to modify texts in a way that their meaning or their context are changed in their substance. Of course, your right to write your own texts about our products, provided they are not based on the modification of a press release, remains completely unaffected. This prohibition also includes the use of the press server contents in a form in which these contents are partly concealed by other design elements or are combined therewith.

Insofar as the press server content (a) contains trademarks or business designations of a third-party company or (b) is similar to or relates to a third-party company, you shall be responsible for obtaining the required permissions and licenses.
Insofar as the Provider in connection with the press server contents determines that the press server contents may be published only from a specific point in time, then, a premature publication constitutes a serious infringement of the contract, which entitles the Provider among other things to terminate the contract without notice.

Other Contents
All other contents besides the above described press server contents may only be used to the extent as this is necessary for displaying the respective website on the computer monitor of the user. It is particularly prohibited to reproduce, download, transfer, forward or amend the design or layout of the Website or the materials and information published thereon – even not in parts or in other file formats – or to store them on paper, CD-ROM or on other electronic data carriers (for example in databases or on other Internet sites). These other contents are further not allowed to be used: (i) on other Internet sites, in other publications or public performances; (ii) in connection with products or services, which are not supplied by the Provider; (iii) in a manner, which is suitable to create a danger of confusion by the customer; (iv) in a manner, which would debase or discredit the Provider; (v) for the exploitation of commercial purposes; or (vi) if the use otherwise infringes intellectual property rights or copyrights of the Provider.

Limitation of Liability and Warranty
In case of intent, gross negligence, injury of life, body or health and in case of breach of a duty, which only allows the achievement of the purpose of the contract and to the fulfilment of which you therefore may trust (contractual obligation/major obligation), the Provider shall be liable in accordance with the statutory provisions.

In all other cases, the following shall apply:
All contents and services offered on this press server are provided free of charge “as is” and without taking over any liability or warranty on the part of the Provider. Liability and defect rights (including liability for defects) are explicitly excluded.
The liability regulations described above refer to all claims, which are associated to the use of the content and the services from the offer of the press server, irrespective of their legal basis. Included are in particular damages due to breach of contract and tort.

Violation of the Terms of Use
In case of violation of these Terms of Use, the Provider may require that the press server contents at your expense be withdrawn or corrected or the distribution be completely discontinued. Any misuse of the press server contents or a violation of these Terms of Use means that the Provider will prohibit further use of this service and, if appropriate, assert legal claims, in particular claims for damages. In the event of third party claims against the Provider due to illegal use of the press server contents, you shall be obliged to indemnify the Provider.

Should individual provisions of these Terms of Use be or become ineffective or inoperative, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions or parts of such provisions shall not be affected. The ineffective provisions shall be replaced by a regulation, which comes closest to the meaning and purpose of the ineffective or inoperative provision. The same applies in the event of a regulatory gap.

Applicable law is that of the Federal Republic of Germany with the explicit exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). Exclusive venue for all disputes arising from or in connection with the use of this Website is Munich.