Hike Away with BENDIGO & CALPA - Hanwag Spring/Summer 2018
Innovative sole construction: Hanwag is blazing new trails with its new TubeTec technology for the HIKE category.

Date: 2018-05-04

A new sole construction with big advantages. The innovative Hanwag TubeTec technology has been meticulously thought through down to the smallest detail. TubeTec is used in the BENDIGO and CALPA models – the latest additions to the Hanwag Spring / Summer 2018 collection in the HIKE category. Designed and manufactured in Europe, this innovative new technology delivers perfect cushioning and stability for multifunctional use. These two low-cut sporty, models have modern designs that combine high comfort with lightweight upper constructions, reinforced by injected TPU.

Andreas Settele, Head of Research & Development at Hanwag explains the advantages of the TubeTec construction:

What’s the idea behind TubeTec?

The vision was to create a sole offering excellent, long-lasting cushioning while being extremely stable at the same time. With our cemented construction method we want to offer a perfect and enduring fitas well as developping and producing the new technology
exclusively in Europe. For the perfect cushioning we are using a PU midsole material. PU is particularly soft and sensitive, which means it is also less stable than other shock absorbing materials. To make it suitable for demanding outdoor use, we developed a TPU “tube” that protects the softer, less robust PU sole from mechanical damage, whilst also providing the required stability.

How is TubeTec technology constructed?

For our midsole, we created a TPU “tube” which provides the required stability and robustness. This is “filled” with particularly soft and cushioning PU material. We have re-engineered the insole, which is the main element in ourproduction (cemented construction), and the foundation for all our sole constructions, so that it is now consisting of two different materials, being particularly flexible at the ball of the foot and under the toes. Finally, this is followed by an outsole, which has two distinct sections. Thanks to the innovative Hanwag 3D PrismBase technology it has a particularly lightweight design and the specially developed rubber compound offers perfect grip and traction.

What advantages does TubeTec bring?

TubeTec is the key for adapting shock-absorbing PU to make it suitable for outdoor use. Thanks to the TPU “tube”, the sole is robust, longlasting and stable. PU offers excellent, long-lasting cushioning. Designed and manufacture exclusively in Europe, we use it in the BENDIGO and CALPA models. Thanks to their cemented construction, the same as all Hanwag models, these shoes have a perfect, long-lasting fit and are particularly stable and fully resoleable.

Which activities and which target group are the BENDIGO & CALPA designed for?

Our new BENDIGO and CALPA models for Spring / Summer 2018 are exclusively equipped with TubeTec. Both the sole construction and upper are lightweight, comfortable and multifunctional. This makes them ideal for shorter hikes on trails in the woods or out in the hills and mountains on the weekends or after work with friends, partners or the kids. Above all, the BENDIGO and CALPA are designed for versatile use in outdoor areas and active everyday outdoor lifestyles.


Hanwag TubeTec Technology

Hanwag TubeTec Technology

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