Date: 2019-06-28

Microadventures, speed hiking, after-work walking sessions – rapid hiking and fastpacking with lightweight gear and minimal equipment are becoming more and more popular and definitely reflect the current zeitgeist. This is why HANWAG developed the new EVORADO. The lightweight resoleable hiking shoe is built according to the latest innovative shoe construction techniques. Designed for fast-paced, sporty hiking, it offers flexible roll-off, but good torsional stability. The new EVORADO is available in both a mid-cut and low-cut version in a range of fresh colours.

The stand-out technical feature of the EVORADO is its upper, which features particularly lightweight fabrics in a seamless construction. This is done by high frequency (HF) welding, based on molecular friction, which uses electrodes to cause the connecting TPU sections to rub until they get hot and soft and can be welded together. This process has three distinct benefits: there is no need for classic seams that can potentially cause pressure points and weak spots; overall weight is reduced; and the HF-welded sections are as hard-wearing as the material itself. 

The fit is designed specifically for dynamic movement on trails and to provide direct feedback from the underfoot terrain. For the sole, HANWAG uses its tried-and-tested TubeTec sole construction, which was launched in 2018. The protective casing made of robust TPU protects the softer, less robust polyurethane core of the midsole from mechanical damage. TubeTec sole constructions provide good cushioning with very high stability. This combination makes them hard-wearing, long-long-lasting and ideal for a wide range of outdoor terrain. The resulting walking performance is an optimum mix of shock absorbency, roll-off, precision and traction. 

The more precise the fit, the better the power transfer and responsiveness. To prevent the tongue slipping and avoid pressure points once the laces are tightened, HANWAG has developed a completely new tongue construction for the mid-cut version of the EVORADO. ITC stands for Integrated Tongue Construction. The inner layer of the tongue is made from particularly breathable PU foam and 3D mesh and is anatomically formed to the shape of the foot. At the outer edge, it has slightly more volume to compensate for the foot’s natural asymmetry. At the inner edge of the foot it is connected directly to the facing. For greater precision and direct power transfer HANWAG gives this shoe a simple and effective lacing system. It requires no eyelets and offers smooth running, yet secure fixation. 

With their lightweight construction, sporty-dynamic design and fresh colourways, the EVORADO women’s and men’s models are the optimum solution for fast-paced and lightweight hiking adventures.