Press Kit: Hanwag Spring/Summer 2019
FERRATA II GTX, ALVERSTONE II GTX, TARSO LOW ES and SALDANA LOW LADY ES are the newest additions in the collection for Spring/Summer 2019

Date: 2018-06-14

Lightweight, technical and innovative: Hanwag presents the FERRATA II for Summer 2019

07:00. Arriving after an early morning start. Find a place to park. Get out the car. Look up at the sky. Looks like the weather will hold. Look up the valley. There’s the wall. Impressive. Grab the packs. Boots on, not laced too tight. Short walk in. Around 08:00, we reach the start of the via ferrata. Quick final study of the topo. Deciding where to take rest stops. Harness on – check, via ferrata set on – check, helmet on – check. Readjust and tighten our Hanwag FERRATA. Let’s go.

This is probably pretty similar to the way that most via ferrata adventures have started during the last decade. When the first Hanwag FERRATA hit the market ten years ago, Hanwag was making its mountain boots completely from leather. To save weight, Hanwag starting using Cordura in the upper. Then as now, people wanted mountaineering boots that perform well on rock and offer good comfort. Requirements have not changed much since, although the technology certainly has. Hanwag is now exploring new terrain with the FERRATA II. It uses even less leather, which has instead been replaced with highly-functional modern materials. The FERRATA II combines long-lasting durability with the technical functionality to cover a wide range of alpine activities, such as difficult via ferratas or alpine tours on rock and ice.


It’s engineered with innovative Hanwag TubeTec Rock sole technology at its foundation. TubeTec technology uses an extremely cushioning polyurethane (PU) midsole material and protects it for rugged mountain use with a “tube” made of robust thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Hanwag successfully introduced it for Summer 2018 in its Hike category. The tried-and-tested TPU “tube” has now been integrated in the TubeTec Rock sole so that polyurethane can be used to deliver a higher level of comfort. Otherwise it would not be possible to use polyurethane with this level of cushioning in mountain footwear. The special design with TPU ribs and reinforcements ensure tread stability and traction. TPU reinforcements also create a climbing zone at the sole for maximum edging stability. Last, but by no means least, proven Vibram Mont compound and Hanwag Integral Light tread design ensure reliable grip and traction. The new TubeTec Rock sole means the Hanwag FERRATA II is 10% lighter than its predecessor.


Using technical, functional advances, the modern upper of the new FERRATA II has been overhauled with a special design and innovative material compositions. For greater flexibility and walking comfort, Hanwag LFX (Lateral Flex) technology ensures that upper can flex to the side (laterally) in sync with the lower leg axis. A further advantage is that – due to the special manufacturing process used – the stitching in the upper remains concealed. This makes the boot less susceptible to wear and abrasion out on rock. Where there are no stitches, there are no weak points that could get worn.

Your reliable partner for demanding multi-day trekking and hiking across the Alps. The new Hanwag ALVERSTONE II – available from Summer 2019.

Oberstdorf to Meran, Garmisch to Sterzing, Munich to Venice – hiking trips across the Alps and trekking is growing more and more popular. Trekking trips these days are less about the objective and more about getting out into nature, slowing down and leaving civilisation far behind. This is exactly what young city dwellers are looking for – in ever greater numbers. They view hiking long distances with friends or a partner as a way of combining physical activity, going offline and getting away from it all.

People increasingly want hiking and trekking boots for multi-day trips and hiking across the Alps. The new ALVERSTONE II by Hanwag offers the required stability for trekking with a heavy pack, but is also lightweight and flexible enough for more versatile use in rocky, alpine terrain.

Weighing 1,460 grams a pair (Men/ UK 8), the new ALVERSTONE II is around 15% lighter than its predecessor and represents a unique mix of traditional functionality, such as the full leather upper made of thick, high-quality Perwanger split leather and the tried-and-tested Hanwag fit with modern elements, including innovative LFX upper technology and a lightweight Integral Light sole construction.


A TPU frame between the heel and midfoot ensures torsional stability, while at the heel the frame is lower, enabling the use of softer PU, which provides better cushioning and reliable stability. In the outsole, 3D PrismBase technology makes it possible to lower the weight. In addition, the Hanwag ALVERSTONE II is equipped with a climbing zone at the toe.


Due to its design, the upper moves with greater (lateral) flex in sync with the lower leg axis. The ALVERSTONE II features a particularly abrasion-resistant fabric woven from polyamide and polyurethane yarns to ensure upper stability. And for its flex zones, a more flexible woven polyamide fabric is used.

Hanwag’s new Hike category models for summer 2019 combine innovative sole constructions with eco-friendly technology.

In keeping with its motto ‘Innovation from tradition’, Hanwag works season by season with its trusted partners to develop new ideas to improve the materials and technologies used in its footwear to make them more sustainable and even longer lasting.

For the Spring/Summer 2019 Hike collection, the new TARSO LOW and SALDANA LOW LADY models feature two new innovative technologies: Eco-Shell Footwear constructions and TubeTec Eco soles. TARSO LOW ES and SALDANA LOW LADY ES are set to become the new favourite shoes of environmentally-conscious hikers who want multifunctional footwear to be able to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities.

As with all Hanwag shoes, the TARSO LOW and SALADANA LOW LADY are made exclusively in Europe and are fully resoleable thanks to their cemented construction.


The Active Winter models introduced in the Hanwag Autumn/Winter 2018/19 collection were the first to feature Eco-Shell Footwear technology – a proprietary waterproof, breathable and sustainable membrane that is made without fluorochemicals. Now the new low-cut Hike models for Spring/Summer 2019 – TARSO LOW and SALDANA LOW LADY – are also built as Eco-Shell Footwear. The new Eco-Shell Footwear models are 100% free from fluorinated chemicals and also have a lining made of recycled materials. Additionally, their uppers are produced from high-quality leather sourced from European tanneries and they are made in Europe to be particularly durable and resoleable. Should they get completely worn out, Eco-Shell Footwear can be disposed of normally in domestic waste as they are combustible and harmless for health and the environment.


Hanwag has successfully integrated TubeTec sole technology in its Hike category. For Spring/Summer 2019, the Bavarian bootmakers are pleased to present a particularly sustainable version of the sole – the TubeTec Eco. TubeTec technology uses an extremely cushioning polyurethane (PU) midsole material and protects it for rugged outdoor use with a “tube” made of TPU. Developed and manufactured exclusively in Europe, all Hanwag TubeTec models offer optimal cushioning and stability for multifunctional, outdoor use. What’s so special about the Hanwag TubeTec Eco sole? Its polyurethane (PU) consists of up to 25% recycled material. The black elements, which are visible in the sole are recycled from leftovers from production of Hanwag ALASKA soles. The material is reduced to small pieces, mixed with the PU and poured into the “tube”. The TPU “tube” itself also consists of 5% recycled material and guarantees maximum protection for the PU core and durability of the sole. While ensuring perfect grip and traction, the specially-developed Hanwag TubeTec Eco rubber compound is made of 20% recycled material.


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