Hanwag Presskit: Spring/Summer 2020
Low-cuts meet high demands.

Date: 2019-06-27


HANWAG is expanding its alpine category around its FERRATA II boot with two new technical low-cut models – the FERRATA LOW and the FERRATA LIGHT LOW.

Mountains don’t always have to mean mountain boots. This is now widely accepted. But wearing crampons with low-cut shoes is certainly not common. The FERRATA LOW is opening up a new field – and not just for HANWAG – as a hybrid crampon-compatible model that is a lightweight, yet extremely stable and uncompromising rock shoe. This is the right choice for proficient, experienced alpinists, who have the required strength and fitness to wear a low-cut mountain shoe safely (and benefit from the increased freedom of movement and improved ventilation in return) – even when traversing a snowfield requiring crampons for short periods. Hence the heel welt for a heel bail.

Like the FERRATA II, it’s built on the TubeTec Rock sole platform that combines climbing performance via its stable TPU frame and walking comfort and very good shock absorbency via a PU core at the heel section and the ball of the foot. The FERRATA LOW is also designed specifically to cope with rock and scree, which is why the Bavarian bootmaker reinforces it at critical wear zones with a robust rubber toe cap and makes the entire upper using a virtually indestructible polyurethane yarn. For the FERRATA LIGHT LOW, HANWAG uses its proven TubeTec Rock sole, but does away with the rubber toe cap to save weight. However, the highly abrasion-resistant PU yarns reliably protect the FERRATA LIGHT LOW’s upper. This makes the lighter FERRATA LIGHT LOW a very lightweight approach shoe for fast ascents and more dynamic use. In spite of its low-cut upper, the FERRATA LIGHT LOW offers a high level of support and good torsional stability. With these lightweight and very lightweight approach shoes, the new FERRATAS are the go-to options for wearers unwilling to accept compromises. In addition, they won’t have to sacrifice alpine versatility for extra weight and unresponsive designs. HANWAG gives both low-cut models feature a new one-piece upper. This innovative technology enables a seamless combination of different yarns to build the upper, allowing a more robust material mix and a cleaner appearance.

What is NEW about the the Ferrata Family?

FUTURA tongue design

The special design of the tongue area better corresponds to the natural anatomy of the foot. As it is attached to the facing tab on the inner side of the foot, it cannot slip away. On the outer side of the foot where the foot’s anatomic shape tapers away, the tongue is overlapped by the upper. 

One-piece upper construction

Made in one piece and woven from virtually indestructible polyurethane yarns, both the FERRATA LOW and the FERRATA LIGHT LOW have a robust upper with a seamless construction, eliminating potential weak points. The cemented construction still ensures a perfect fit. 

TUBETEC Rock sole

The shape retentive TPU frame protects the core made of particularly soft polyurethane that offers exceptionally high cushioning and long lasting walking comfort. Reinforcing braces and struts in the TPU tube ensure edging stability and precise footwork.



HANWAG reworks its classic hiking boot with a new focus on providing the perfect fit for all foot sizes – from narrow to wide.

For the new edition of the classic BANKS boot, HANWAG has focused on further improving its lightweight design and ensuring the required sure-footedness in combination with ankle protection in varied terrain, while continuing to offer maximum comfort especially over longer distances. To make this possible, there is slightly more room at the forefoot. The toes and ball of the foot have excellent power transfer to the sole, but still enjoy good freedom of movement and space to move. With its five different lasts for five different fits – Normal, Narrow and SF Extra for women, Normal and SF Extra for Men – the BANKS covers a wide spectrum of foot shapes. The abbreviation “SF Extra” stands for Straight Fit Extra. The SF versions of the BANKS offer maximum freedom of movement and comfort for wider feet thanks to their wider forefoot and straight toe box. 

All its high-quality materials and components are selected for durability and functionality. The new BANKS is made from 100% finest LWG (Leather Working Group) Gold-rated nubuck leather – a certification that guarantees not just particularly high-quality leather but also sustainable, eco-friendly leather manufacturing. Its lace hooks are made from robust cast metal.

In addition, the sole has been further improved on two fronts. The midsole now contains soft polyurethane (PU) for improved shock absorbency, enhanced roll-off and “softer” walking comfort. And the new Vibram “Endurance Pro” outsole uses a proven trekking rubber compound and has a tread design that has been optimised for hiking. The contact surfaces at the forefoot and heel are slightly larger to provide maximum stability. On the inside, wearers can choose from a waterproof, breathable membrane from long-standing HANWAG partner Gore-Tex or HANWAG’s soft, supple leather lining.

The BANKS is intended to be used on demanding hikes in terrain ranging from lower mountain ranges to the foothills of the Alps and easier hut-to-hut trips with a lightweight pack. It’s the direct result of years of experience from thousands of kilometres hiked all over the world – from three hour walks to month-long trips on international long-distance trails. 

Summary: What is NEW about the updated HANWAG BANKS?

Slightly larger forefoot for enhanced comfort

The toes have more room for greater comfort on longer hikes and treks. The tried-and-tested heel counter encloses the back of the foot for a secure fit and optimum control. 

Available in three women’s and two men’s last versions

Based on Normal Last that was perfected over many years with our tried-and-tested ALASKA Trekking boot and with a new circa four-millimetre wider forefoot, the Straight Fit Extra Last comes in different versions for a wide variety of feet. For female wearers with particularly narrow feet, there’s an additional Narrow Last.

New sole construction for softer cushioning and improved traction

The circa 1.5-millimetre thicker polyurethane foam wedge in the midsole gives smoother roll-off, noticeably better shock absorbency and longer lasting comfort. In addition, the new Endurance Pro outsole by Vibram uses a tried-and-tested rubber compound with a tread design for moderately difficult terrain. The wide forefoot and heel strike areas ensure comfortable hiking and maximum stability.

High-quality leather and details

Finest LWG Gold-certified nubuck leather makes the BANKS a high-quality, long-lasting companion. The new lace hooks are made of cast metal for maximum reliability.



Introducing the EVORADO – HANWAG’s new shoe for outdoor enthusiasts who want to move lighter and faster.

Microadventures, speed hiking, after-work walking sessions – rapid hiking and fastpacking with lightweight gear and minimal equipment are becoming more and more popular and definitely reflect the current zeitgeist. This is why HANWAG developed the new EVORADO. The lightweight resoleable hiking shoe is built according to the latest innovative shoe construction techniques. Designed for fast-paced, sporty hiking, it offers flexible roll-off, but good torsional stability. The new EVORADO is available in both a mid-cut and low-cut version in a range of fresh colours.

The stand-out technical feature of the EVORADO is its upper, which features particularly lightweight fabrics in a seamless construction. This is done by high frequency (HF) welding, based on molecular friction, which uses electrodes to cause the connecting TPU sections to rub until they get hot and soft and can be welded together. This process has three distinct benefits: there is no need for classic seams that can potentially cause pressure points and weak spots; overall weight is reduced; and the HF-welded sections are as hard-wearing as the material itself. 

The fit is designed specifically for dynamic movement on trails and to provide direct feedback from the underfoot terrain. For the sole, HANWAG uses its tried-and-tested TubeTec sole construction, which was launched in 2018. The protective casing made of robust TPU protects the softer, less robust polyurethane core of the midsole from mechanical damage. TubeTec sole constructions provide good cushioning with very high stability. This combination makes them hard-wearing, long-long-lasting and ideal for a wide range of outdoor terrain. The resulting walking performance is an optimum mix of shock absorbency, roll-off, precision and traction. 

The more precise the fit, the better the power transfer and responsiveness. To prevent the tongue slipping and avoid pressure points once the laces are tightened, HANWAG has developed a completely new tongue construction for the mid-cut version of the EVORADO. ITC stands for Integrated Tongue Construction. The inner layer of the tongue is made from particularly breathable PU foam and 3D mesh and is anatomically formed to the shape of the foot. At the outer edge, it has slightly more volume to compensate for the foot’s natural asymmetry. At the inner edge of the foot it is connected directly to the facing. For greater precision and direct power transfer HANWAG gives this shoe a simple and effective lacing system. It requires no eyelets and offers smooth running, yet secure fixation. 

With their lightweight construction, sporty-dynamic design and fresh colourways, the EVORADO women’s and men’s models are the optimum solution for fast-paced and lightweight hiking adventures.

Summary: What are the highlights of the NEW HANWAG EVORADO?

No outer seams required thanks to high frequency welding

The separate TPU sections are welded directly together at a molecular level. This reduces the number of seams required and prevents potential pressure points and weak spots, while lowering the overall weight. Best of all though – the welded connections are at least as strong as the TPU material itself.

New ITC tongue construction prevents slipping

The preformed tongue made of breathable PU foam and 3D mesh is connected directly to the facing tab at the inner side of the foot. This prevents any slipping and eliminates pressure points. There is slightly more volume at the outer side of the foot, to compensate for its natural asymmetry.

Ultra-light, smooth and effective lacing

The new lacing system runs through stitched in webbing loops instead of eyelets. This brings down the weight still further and wraps the shoe more directly around the foot. The lacing is smooth running and enables a precise fit.

TubeTec sole construction for precision and comfort

TubeTec is HANWAG’s flagship sole construction. It offers the perfect combination of cushioning, power transfer and traction. The soft PU midsole core is protected by a TPU casing. HANWAG equips the EVORADO with a premium Vibram outsole.


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